We are a church located in the Smawthorne area of Castleford. We long to be a church that helps people to find hope and love in Jesus. Our Church is like a family. We support, care and encourage each other to develop our faith in Jesus Christ. Each week we run a programme of services including our Sunday morning gathering and midweek Bible study. We also seek to reach out and love our community through a foodbank, community groups and money course to help people develop budgeting skills.

Our History

Smawthorne Community Church was first formed in 1919 when people came from mainstream denominations to join with a new and exciting Pentecostal group known as the Apostolic Church. Formed in 1916 as a result of the 1904 Welsh revival, the Apostolic Church is a trinitarian, Pentecostal movement with a strong commitment to church planting and mission. The church is established in around 100 nations, most of which are autonomous.

In the early days, the Apostolic Church in Castleford would meet together in homes where members would pray together, study the Bible and share breaking of bread. Later they began to meet in a small hall at Briggs' Field in the Ashton Road area of Castleford. The church would then meet in rented halls in different parts of the town before it became established in its present location on Beancroft Road, where we have been for more than 70 years. 


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